How Often Should You Change Your Oil on an Acura SUV?

Most drivers will want to change their oil every 6,000 miles on their Acura SUV to optimize their performance and prevent damage. This number does vary from model to model, so be sure to check your owner's manual for exact information. Further, Acura offers an on-board computer system called the Acura Maintenance Minder that uses an algorithm to determine when you need service.

Acura Maintenance Minder

Your Acura SUV is equipped with the Acura Maintenance Minder system that tracks your driving habits and determines when you need different maintenance jobs. You'll get warning codes on your dashboard like A1 or B2, but what do these mean?

When your dashboard displays the letter A, then you can be sure you just need to change your oil. When B is displayed you must replace your engine oil among other things and the sub-codes (1, 2, 3…) refer to other regular maintenance jobs.

This is an easy way to be sure you are replacing your oil and getting other regular maintenance done in a timely manner. Again, most drivers can expect an alert every 6,000 miles to remind them to get their oil changed.

Importance of an Oil Change

Changing your oil regularly is the easiest way to ensure your Acura SUV will continue performing at the top of its game. Ignoring an oil change can eventually lead to major issues with your engine that may wind up taking your vehicle out of commission altogether.

Fortunately, at Sutton Acura, we offer friendly, efficient car service so you can schedule an oil change and get in and out quickly. Our service professionals will help you schedule your next appointment so you can be sure your Acura SUV runs for years to come. Don't be afraid to stop by in person or give us a call to schedule service at Sutton Acura.

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