At Sutton Acura, we are making it easier than ever to acquire the new Acura model of your choice. Right now, we are offering top financing and leasing incentives on all our new Acura models. If you have been looking to get into a brand-new Acura for less, now is your opportunity.

Benefits of Buying

With our financing incentives, you can purchase the Acura of your choice. You may want to purchase if you are looking to drive your Acura for an extended period. Also, purchasing an Acura is ideal if you plan to put many miles on the vehicle. Finally, purchasing an Acura allows you the opportunity to resell or trade-in the vehicle later.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing allows you the opportunity to drive a new Acura mode often. In fact, you can lease a brand-new Acura every 24 months. Also, leasing only requires you to pay for the time that you drive the vehicle. All Acura leased vehicles are fully covered under warranty. Finally, leasing allows you to quickly and easily return the vehicle without having to deal with reselling or trade-ins.

New Acura RDX

Our new Acura collection includes the popular Acura RDX small luxury SUV. The RDX provides excellent standard features, comfortable seating for five, and spirited performance & capability. We have all trim levels of the RDX available. The RDX is an ideal choice for small families.

New Acura MDX

When you want the most extraordinary Acura SUV available, then you will want to discover the Acura MDX. This mid-size SUV offers you a top-level luxury, style, and performance at an incredible price. In fact, the MDX offers more than the competition when it comes to standard features.

Our collection of brands new MDX luxury SUVs includes all trim levels. You will find MDX models equipped with top option packages that will provide you with everything that you need. The MDX is ideal for growing families or those who want the ultimate statement in Acura luxury.

New Acura ILX

The Acura ILX is the compact luxury sedan that's surprisingly affordable to own. With its many standard features, top style, and excellent fuel efficiency, the ILX is an excellent first Acura for just about anyone. We have a few ILX models now available in our inventory.

New Acura TLX

The Acura TLX is the popular small luxury sedan that provides several powertrain options and excellent value for its segment. We have a wide selection of the TLX in a variety of trim levels and color combinations. You will find the perfect TLX at an excellent price.

New Acura RLX

We are proud to have the flagship Acura RLX mid-size luxury sedan in our inventory. This is simply the best that Acura has to offer. With its incredible list of standard features, the RLX offers much more than the competition at an incredible entry price.

Our RLX inventory includes many stunning models with top equipment and color combinations. You will find that all our RLX models are available with top financing and leasing options. You will want to see what we can offer for our flagship Acura sedan.

Our Dealership Difference

At Sutton Acura, we work hard to provide all our customers the top Acura for their money. We will take the time to show you all the incredible benefits of the Acura of your choice. After your test drive, we will work with you to create the most accommodating financing or leasing deal.

Get Your New Acura Lease Deal Today

We are ready to make you an incredible offer on the brand-new Acura of your choice. Contact us today at Sutton Acura in Macon, GA to get a top deal on a brand-new Acura. Whether you are looking to buy or lease, you will get a great deal. Give us a call today.

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