As much as we all know the importance of good air pressure in our tires, it's also the one thing that most often gets overlooked. The more you monitor your tire's air pressure and use the recommended air pressure, the better your Acura will operate on the road, and the longer the tires will last. At Sutton Acura, we have specialists who can inspect your tires, check the air pressure, and offer you advice on tire pressure and tire maintenance.

How to Know the Recommended Tire Pressure for Your Acura

You can find the recommended tire air pressure for your Acura in your owner's manual as well as on the sticker on the inside of the driver's door. Keep in mind that amount listed on the sticker is cold tire pressure. Acura recommends that the air pressure in the tires should be in the 32-35 range. If you're going by the sticker and stop to add air after driving for a while, increase the amount by three psi because of the cold tire pressure.

The tire air pressure can be affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures. Therefore, it's extremely important to monitor your tires regularly. If your Acura has a tire monitoring system, it's easy to assume it will do the monitoring for you, but malfunctions or fluctuating temperatures may affect the reading, so it's important to check it yourself from time to time.

Griffin, GA drivers don't always realize how cold temperatures can affect tire pressure. Even without fluctuating temperatures, the tires on your Acura will automatically lose about one psi due to natural air seepage. As the winter temperatures drop, the air pressure is affected even more.

Experts state that tires lose about one psi for every 10-degree change in temperature. If fall temperatures in September are 60 degrees and winter temperatures drop down to 0 degrees, that accounts for a drop of at least six psi, and that's not counting the air your tires will lose through the natural air seepage. It's easy to see how important it can be for your Acura to check the air pressure regularly no matter where you live in Milledgeville.

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