Signs Your Vehicle's Exhaust System is Leaking

If the exhaust system is leaking, dangerous gases that should be expelled out the exhaust pipe could be trapped inside the cabin with you and your passengers. Here is how to identify a leak in the exhaust system.

Pay close attention to the vehicle's fuel mileage. If you notice a drop, it could be a rusted exhaust pipe is allowing gas to escape and causing your car engine to work much harder when driving.

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Regular Tire Rotations Will Help Them to Last Longer

Your tires are going to take a beating over the course of their life. That is what they are designed to do. Unfortunately, this means that they are going to experience some of the heaviest wear and tear as well. And since tires are by no means cheap to replace, it only makes sense that you would want to get as much as possible out of them before you have to replace them again.

The good news is that there are things that you can do to help with this. For starters, you will want to monitor your air pressure…

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Like-New Acura Models + Like-Used Prices? Must Be Acura Certified Pre-Owned!

Looking good and feeling better in a slick Acura ILX is easy when Griffen, GA drivers check out our Certified Pre-Owned Acura inventory. Sutton Acura in Macon, GA has a robust offering of like-new Acura models, inspected for quality, refurnished to factory standards, and on offer to folks in the Warner Robins, GA area. If you'd enjoy a like-new Acura ownership experience without a like-new price tag, a CPO Acura model might be your ideal solution!


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