Key among all warm-weather essentials is a well-maintained and properly functioning car. Whether tooling around Griffin, GA, taking the scenic, exploratory drives through Warner Robins, or planning an adventurous, cross-country road trip, having your Acura well-prepared for increased summertime demand is vital. At Sutton Acura, we offer an expansive range of summer services for all Acura models and years.

Top Reasons to Get Summer Service in Macon, GA Today

There are countless benefits gained by practicing diligent auto maintenance all year long. However, in the summer, heat-related expansion of both stationary and moving components can lead to expedited wear. High heats also place greater demand on your engine and puts your engine oil to the task. With seasonal tune-ups, timely repairs, and essential parts replacements, you can extend the lifespan of your Acura and stave many major issues off.

During your summer maintenance services, our technicians can spot and correct minor problems before they have the chance to spiral out of control. We can also recommend the best upgrades and accessories for enhancing your warm-weather travels and for keeping everyone safe while on the road in Milledgeville.

Have an Air Conditioner Check Performed

Few things are worse than spending long hours in a stiflingly hot vehicle. We'll run your air conditioner and check for strange sounds, odors, and other symptoms of existing or developing issues. With comprehensive air conditioner service, we'll check all hard lines for cracks. We'll hook your auto up to a refrigerant recovery system, drain off any harmful gases, and ensure that the AC compressor is in top working order. When our work is done, you'll enjoy maximum cooling power and reliable service across all air conditioning vents.

Get New Tires for the Road Ahead

If you plan on traveling an incredibly long distance, you'll want to get your tires and brakes checked. Squeaking, squealing brakes that are slow to respond can get fixed with new brake pads or brake shoes, or other more extensive repairs. We'll check your tire treads and ensure that your tires are rotated, balanced, and correctly pressurized. If we believe that they're nearing the end of their lifespan, we'll help you find the perfect replacement tires at your targeted price point.

Our summer services include oil change services, fluid top-offs, hose inspections, and more. We can customize your car care to suit the needs of your Acura, your budget, and your vehicle's overall maintenance history. To get your car ready for your summertime travels, schedule your visit to see us in Macon today.

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