Discover the Ease of Scheduling Service for Your Acura

A brand-new Acura will provide you with an exceptional amount of reliability and convenience. Still, Sutton Acura would like to provide you with the opportunity to receive regular service for your vehicle. Aside from addressing necessary repairs that may come up over time, our dealership's service center near Milledgeville will also provide your vehicle with routine maintenance.

This routine maintenance is incredibly important if you want to keep your Acura running smoothly for every mile you conquer in Griffin, GA.

Routine Maintenance

There's a lot of routine maintenance that your Acura will benefit from on a regular basis. This includes an oil change every six months or so. The exact time frame will depend on the mileage you've accrued, the current quality of your oil, and the exact recommendation for your specific model and trim level. We can also provide you with services such as tire rotations to promote even tread wear on your tires, an alignment to protect your vehicle, and suspension. An annual inspection will often catch issues before they become involved. All the while, you get the best drive possible in Warner Robins.


While Acura is a brand that you can trust, driving your vehicle daily will cause parts to wear out and break. Sutton Acura encourages you to keep an eye out for any changes in your vehicle that could indicate that something isn't quite right. Make an appointment as soon as you can, so we can ensure that the problem is fixed right away. We see too many people put off having service performed, which can cause irreversible damage in many situations.

Contact our team in Macon, GA, if you would like to talk more about the process of scheduling service for your Acura. You can also use our online resources to schedule and maintain your upcoming appointments or even explore service promotions if that's a more convenient process for you.