To spring, there's that sense of rejuvenation. And while we're in full swing of this new season, it's an excellent time to service your Acura model at Sutton Acura.

Near Warner Robins, we harbor an Acura-certified service center staffed by factory-trained professionals. In this, you'll have full confidence of spring servicing done properly before the start of summer.

Spring Service Procedures Offered Griffin, GA

It makes sense that regular maintenance of your Acura MDX will elevate performance and safety. As well, the inherent value to an Acura sedan is only enhanced while keeping with a service schedule over the course of ownership.

And with the ability to schedule your service appointment, the following procedures are sure to prepare your Acura ILX for all challenges outside Milledgeville:

  • Oil changes ensure fresh oil will be lubricating engine parts. Engine belts and hoses will be examined, as well as the installation of a new oil filter.
  • Tire servicing is the perfect complement to spring, with tread inspections made and tires rotated from well-to-well. Pressure checks and adjustments are also part of the process.
  • Brake parts of rotors, pads and calipers are known to wear quickly. It's best practice to inspect and replace parts where necessary.
  • Batteries support myriad Acura systems, including the capacity for starting. Testing and cleaning encompass battery servicing, as does replacement if needed.
  • Systems of steering, brakes and wipers require full fluid levels for continued performance. There's a true safety function to each system.

The above a mere representation of the spring services offered at Sutton Acura.

Though, whatever your vehicle concern or complaint, our Acura-certified technicians stand ready to assist.

Sutton Acura – Ready to Service Your Acura for Spring Near Macon, GA

Visit with us or make your service appointment with a service advisor.

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